DPH1.22X3.35 Drywall and Panel Hoist

The lift is forged from heavy duty steel, which ensures it longer lasting life and sturdiness. Easy to assemble, the lift can be used in relatively no time after you wrap your hands around this beauty. The payload is up to a robust 150 lbs. 

1. Wheels: 3 pieces of 5'' Wheels with 3 pieces of lock. No noise, no smell
2. Lock: well designed and easy to be fasten and open 
3. Round hand wheel. Easy to operate
4. Professional Wire rope with lock on it. High quality material and safe to use. 
5. Square tube for main support is stronger than round tube. 
6. Slide lock, easy for main support to be fold and stored. 

1. Max Height: 11’ (3.35m) 
2. Min Height: 4’ (1.22m) 
3. Arm length(including hook):3.35’ (102CM) 
4. Max load: 150LBS (68KGS) 
5. Wheels:5’ wheels with brake
6. N.W:77.5LBS (35.15KGS) 
7. G.W:84.3LBS (38.25KGS)